Drug and Alcohol

drug  alcohol poster lrThe Drug and Alcohol program is for alcohol and other drug affected clients requiring support and case management, advocacy or information and education on drugs and alcohol.

The Gugan Gulwan Drug and Alcohol Program began in 1998 and assist youth aged 12-25 with drug and alcohol issues.

The Drug and Alcohol Team assist clients with Appointments, Rehabilitation & Detox, Support during court proceedings and Dual Diagnosis issues.

The Drug and Alcohol Team also visit other mainstream drug and alcohol services, Outreach, Friday night street beat, information session in schools, Information sessions to youth and adults, Address health issues, Attending forums and meetings to voice indigenous issues around drug and alcohol abuse and provide case management for clients along with ongoing support and encouragement.

For more information please contact the Case Management Supervisor, Amanda Savle, on 02 62968900.

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