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Lunch Program The Lunch Program operates Monthly on Wednesdays from 11-1pm and is delivered from various different locations around Canberra and Surrounding Regions.
The program aims to target Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug affected clients to promote Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyles.

For more information please contact the Operations Manager, Selina Walker, on 02 62968900.
Bimberi Arts through therapy Program This program is provided to young people in Bimberi who are interested in working with an established Aboriginal artist in a program that can be delivered as art therapy that can achieve different things for different people. It can be used for healing, self expression, treatment, rehabilitation and in the broad sense of the term; art therapy can be used to massage one’s inner-self in a way that may provide the individual with a deeper understanding of him or herself. Open to males and females in Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, through the Bimberi Education unit.

For more information about the program, please contact Dale Huddleston on 02 62968900.
Music Program Music Program The aim of the program is to engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people who have an interest or passion for music, in a Beginner Music Program.  The program will provide free music tuition, practical experience and access to instruments. For more information please contact Dale Huddleston on 02 6296 8900.  To download a referral form to this program please click here 
Street Beat Program The Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation Street Beat Program is a night outreach program that is aimed at targeting Under 18's to reduce young people appearing within the justice system, binge drinking rates in the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and to promote Sexual & Reproductive Health and Smoking Cessation.
Drug and Alcohol Young Men's Group The Young Men’s Group operates each Wednesday 10-3pm.  The group is made up of young men who experience drug and alcohol and mental health issues.  The aim of the program is to engage young men in a range of activities who do not attend school.  Issues addressed include; drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, domestic violence, family planning, living skills, identity, health, education and training.

Dale Huddleston is the Project coordiantor and can be contacted on 02 62968900 for referrals or more information. To download a referral form to this program please click here
Young Women's Group The young women’s group meets each Wednesday from 4-6pm to cater for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of the ACT.  The project is designed to assist and prepare participants by providing learning skills, living skills, which ensures that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women are educated and well informed to ensure the best personal development outcomes possible. The young women’s program provides this in a safe and culturally appropriate environment, where they are able to express themselves and gain knowledge that is relevant to the improvement of their life circumstances.  For more information please contact Selina Walker or Emma Cutmore on 02 62968900. To download a referral form to this program please click here  

Beyond Today Music Clip

Gugan Gulwan is proud to share the music video BEYOND TODAY from our 'HEALTH IS HIP' album.

music dvd cover
The Song Writing Project began in March 2012 through our Music Program and has exceeded everyone's expectations.
The track was written by Selina Walker, produced by Alice Haines and performed by Kiescha Jamieson, Shaye Graham feat. Jeyleel 'JJ' Martin & Grayson Martin.
The music video feature Kiescha Jamieson, Shaye Graham, Grayson Martin, Kyle 'Jingles' Martin, Jemma Davison, Will Davison and Calvin Huddleston.
The album features 6 songs written, produced and recorded by young people of Gugan Gulwan and a bonus track from Kiescha Jamieson (one of the singers) which is dedicated to her sister and a tribute to Mental Health.
beyond today cover
To view the film clip please click below
© 2012. This Gugan Gulwan music DVD is part of the Beyond Today – it’s up to you campaign
developed by the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and supported by
the ACT Government Health Directorate. Beyond Today – it’s up to you is a community-led
campaign to help reduce the rate of tobacco smoking and increase the healthy lifestyles
among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the ACT and surrounding areas


Gugan Gulwan is an Indigenous youth centre situated in Wanniassa.  Gugan Gulwan works with its clients through a range of programs. It uses a consultative framework to develop efficient and effective programs and services that are culturally appropriate and self determining and valued by Indigenous young people and their families.  To do so Gugan Gulwan has developed a network of partnerships and alliances with a range of agencies to ensure that it is able to carry out is role and meet its objectives.

Programs include; Drug and Alcohol program, a street-based outreach program, a general youth work program, Reconnect Program to support young people to remain in the formal education system and remain in the family home, non-formal education program which focuses on skills development for young people for whom the formal system is no longer an option.

Gugan Gulwan has been operational since 1992 and has been catering to the needs of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth in the ACT and Region for over 17 years. The Centre was opened by Dennis Davison on Thursday 12th July 2001 and continues to assist the Indigenous community.



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Gugan Gulwan’s vision is to provide a safe and supportive environment for Indigenous young people and their families where they may gather and discuss issues that concern them and gain access to information, referral, counselling and remedial services.

Objectives of the Organisation are:-

  • To promote the social, economic and cultural well being of Indigenous youth.
  • To foster the education achievement and cultural awareness of Indigenous youth.
  • To provide advocacy in all matters of social, economic, educational and legal affairs relating to Indigenous youth.
  • To promote the participation of Indigenous youth in a range of sport and recreational activities.
  • Design and implement strategies to cater for the needs of Indigenous youth towards a better quality of life.

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Youth Profile

Calvin Butler-Huddleston

calvin butler-huddlestonCalvin is 14yrs of age, and has accomplished so much!!!


Calvin was born in Canberra ACT and is a proud Kalkadoon descendant on his mother's side and a Wiradjuri, Ngandi, Gurunji descendant of the Northern Territory on his father's side.


Calvin is currently studying year 9 at Melrose High School in the ACT and hope to gain an AIS Scholarship after completing year 10.


Calvin has grown up around sport and currently holds a sprinting record of 11.5s. Calvin recorded the fastest time for his age in the ACT 100m sprint and has the goal to represent Australia in the Commonwealth Games one day.


Calvin also played for Brumbies in the 2011 U14's Rugby Union and hopes to be selected again in the U15's division.


Calvin enjoys bike riding and doing Aboriginal art, but holds a strong passion for training and exercising to reach his goals.